Polymer Plate Making

Mark-Maker has both liquid and sheet photopolymer systems allowing for maximum flexibility in selecting plate types. We can accommodate even the most challenging print jobs in sizes up to 50” X 80”.

We provide highly accurate registration and proofing for premounted plates of all size cylinders ranging from 24”-86”

Liquid Systems

Merigraph 30 x 48

  • Plate thickness of: .125 .155 .250

Sheet Systems

Flexlight 48 x 78

  • Plate thickness of: .045 .067 .107 .125 .155 .250 

CtP (Computer to Plate)

Xeikon ThermoFlexX 50 x 80

  • Ability to apply surface screening to images with 5080dpi resolution
  • Fiber laser is todays best technology for digital imaging, offering superior quality
  • Automated plate loading and unloading
  • 3 sqm/h 
up to 12 sqm/h

Kodak Thermoflex 50 x 80

By adding this device to our workflow, Mark-maker can now provide an even higher quality product with precise repeatability time after time. Digital plates deliver superior quality by reducing dot gain on press, allowing printers to hold a much smaller dot increasing the tonal range and allowing for much smoother blends, sharper line work and deeper reverses.

  • Efficient quality control: the Koadk QC Viewer ensures that the correct file is perfectly imaged, every time.
  • Plate optimization: the TIFF Assembler optimizes the layout of multiple separations on a single plate, minimizing plate waste.
  • Industry leading Imaging speeds are achieved by the use of multibeam laser technology that supports the imaging of any plate size or thickness.
  • Filmless workflow eliminates many of the variables associated with the flexo platemaking process.
  • Images a full 48” x 78” plate in about 20 min.