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Its here!!! Its finally here!!!

The new Xeikon ThermoflexX finally arrived this week. We can now make HD flexo plates. This will open up new business opportunities for customers that require HD plates.  HD means we can now make plates with 5080dpi resolutions, sharper dots with less dot gain.

ThermoFlexX 80

High Quality Imaging The fiber laser is todays best technology for digital imaging, offering superior quality. The robustly designed ThermoFlexX is made out of heavy duty industrial components, which makes highspeeds possible without fluctuations and vibrations. This offers accurate and consistent imaging quality.

Unique Resolution Flexibility The ThermoFlexX imagers excel in their choice of resolution. Any of the following resolutions can be used: 2400, 4000 or 5080. With the 5080 dpi resolution, we push the quality standards to a higher level.

Surface Screening
  • Smaller screen dots resulting in finer details
  • Cleaner mid-tones
  • Sharper text, lines, barcodes and QR codes
  • Capability to reproduce full image contrast, thanks to the abundance of gray levels even at high screening levels
  • Switching between different resolutions while imaging
  • Ability to apply surface screening to images with 5080dpi resolution

Technical Stuff

1270 mm x 2032 mm 50” x 80”
Flexible Packaging Folding Cartons Corrugated Packaging 
4000, and 5080 dpi 
3 sqm/h 
up to 12 sqm/h

Xeikon ThermoFlexX imagers are designed for smooth and productive operation. The advanced clamping system facilitates ergonomic and easy plate mounting. The standard vacuum drum and optional hybrid vacuum/magnetic drum assure accurate plate positioning and optimal exposure of flexo and letterpress plates. The integrated display enables fast, user friendly and reliable control of the imager.